Benefits of Vertical Living Gardens

The vertical garden has become an increasingly popular option for both home and commercial use. These gardens have the additional advantage of being easy to construct due to their minimum requirements. They offer a sense of extra space and also offer many vertical garden benefits such as: 

  • conserving heat
  • saving water
  • providing natural light
  • providing good ventilation
  • saving garden budget
  • increasing property value

It is for these reasons that vertical living gardens are increasingly becoming popular in both urban and rural settings.


There are a few common factors that can affect the vertical garden cost, including design concept, location, materials, technology, design and labour cost. While the concept of vertical gardens has evolved over the years, the most commonly available materials are concrete and timber. Timber vertical gardens may be designed using prefabricated wood panels, or constructed from either pre-cut or pre-built panels. 

However, many people prefer the look and feel of concrete vertical gardens, because it allows them to create whatever shape they wish. Another factor affecting vertical garden cost is the location of the garden, which may affect construction costs, depending on whether the garden is located on a concrete slab, ground level, or rooftop.

Depending on the location of the garden, the vertical garden cost will be affected by cost per square foot, and the required amount of excavation required. The excavation needed will depend on the overall size of the garden and how much soil needs to be moved. 

Besides, some vertical garden benefits may be limited by the position of the building relative to surrounding buildings, existing buildings and existing utilities. For example, a supermarket may be built above an existing gas line, which could limit any views available to you, as well as limit any foot traffic into the area. Landscape architecture and landscaping ideas are endless, and you can build your vertical garden to suit your taste.


Vertical gardens provide ample opportunities for socializing and relaxation. When designing your vertical garden, you should plan to accommodate as many people as possible. Your outdoor living area should be large enough to accommodate parties and family gatherings. 

Depending on the size of your family, this may be as much as 30 square feet of space or more. You can create a serene, tranquil place to relax with a beautiful vertical garden design, where you can host cookouts, play games, or simply sit and enjoy the beauty of nature.

One common vertical garden benefit is increased property value. Most buyers are looking for a garden that adds value to their homes. A beautiful vertical garden can easily increase the value of your home, due to its unique design and appeal. 

Because gardens are usually constructed on top of existing surfaces, the value increases depending on the condition of the garden. When planning your garden, think about how to best present it to buyers. This includes choosing a design that will complement the home’s landscaping, existing building materials, and colour scheme.

Another benefit of vertical gardens is that they offer a quick and easy way to add green space in an area that is often crowded with plants. A vertical garden is a great solution for spaces that would otherwise be wasted. 

When growing vegetables, there are several challenges involved in trying to keep plants from dominating a space. It can be difficult to plant tall-growing plants against walls, and if your soil is not conducive to growing taller plants, then they will simply go up and out of sight. By having a vertical garden, these issues become less of an issue.

Design Options

Some vertical garden designs are used for multiple functions, such as providing a small sitting area for a child’s play area or providing a small bathroom above the kitchen. 

The main goal of the vertical garden is to provide more usable space in limited space. You can use several different layouts, such as arches, trellises, walkways, and more. 

Atmosphy Verticle Gardens

These features provide an attractive and functional way to enhance any home. Vertical gardens can be arranged so that they have an appearance similar to a column in the landscape, which gives the garden an additional height boost and makes it appear more elegant. Take a look at Atmosphy Vertical Gardens to see some examples of beautiful designs and how they transform a space.

As you can see, vertical gardening is a growing trend among many homeowners who are building homes. This trend helps to conserve valuable floor space and provide a streamlined appearance. 

When planning your vertical garden, be sure to factor in the function of the space you are selecting, as well as the future needs of your family. You may be able to grow many more vegetables in a smaller space, making vertical gardening perfect for those who have smaller yard space. Be sure to do your research before committing to a vertical garden design and to reach out to a company like Atmosphy who can help out with your project!

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