What is an Arborist?

Ever wondered what happens to a tree once it’s reached the end of its lifetime and it’s branches start falling off? Some may think they look after themselves or that they can be left and let nature “do it’s thing” but that’s definitely not the case.

Trees that are on their way out can actually cause a lot more damage than thought, and can pose a threat to their surroundings if not taken care of properly either. From falling branches, to interference with surrounding structures, walls or even power lines in close proximity, it’s important that a deteriorating tree is taken care of quickly and efficiently by the right people to do so.

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An arborist is responsible for this sort of job. If it is a tree on your property or in a community that is needing attention, they are the people to call. They undergo many years of training and qualifications to be able to effectively take care of each tree they encounter, as well as conduct assessments, reports, stump grinding and other similar services to get the job done safely and properly. 

If it is tree removal or stump removal that you require, this type of job does call for a team that has the skill and previous experience that can smoothly and safely get it done. RJK Tree Lopping specialises in both of these services but also offer tree pruning, block clearing and storm cleanups of trees, that way you only have one person to call to look after a couple of services at once!

Difference Between an Arborist & Tree Surgeon

Some people may exchange the titles for an arborist as a tree surgeon or even an horticulturist but there are many factors that differentiate them from each other. All have to do with trees and plants in some aspect, but for a “tree surgeon” their focus is more on the study of individual trees, plants, shrubs and vines. They usually have similar degrees to an arborist but different duties day-to-day. 

A horticulturist is the most different from the other two but is sometimes interchanged unknowingly as well. Someone in this industry usually deals with gardening duties and has extensive knowledge on plants, flowers and also fruits and vegetables.

When it comes to tree removal and the large trees that you see in your backyard or on the street, this calls for an arborist if it is a tree removal that is necessary but they also carry out similar related duties too.


Arborists undergo education and training just like any other industry. Besides the physical work that a tree removal or stump grinding job entails, there’s also lots of theory involved before an arborist reaches this stage. 

Depending on the qualifications of the state or area they’re based in, the steps to becoming an arborist involve a degree in arboriculture and/or horticulture, landscape architecture or forestry from an accredited educational institution.

Along with the theory, 3-4 years of full time work experience is required before progressing to the stage of becoming a fully qualified arborist.

What Types of Jobs Does an Arborist do?

As mentioned earlier, it is rare that a tree removal only involves the removal service alone. Depending on the size, location, age and many other factors, a tree may also require an assessment and/or report before progressing to the stage of removal. This is where a lot of background knowledge is necessary to judge and make the correct decisions when deciding the outcome of a tree, and this can’t always be determined from what’s seen on the outside of a tree. It takes extensive knowledge and skill to be able to make out what is happening on the inside of the tree too.

Tree removal is a large task on it’s own but it doesn’t stop at just that. People often forget about where and how the tree started, from a stump. Stump removal is essential to complete a removal, as it not only removes the stump from out of view but also stops the recurrence of small trees blooming around that area in future. It involves the use of the latest equipment and correct machinery to grind the stump down before removing it completely.

As the duties of an arborist are quite large and involve a lot of large machinery to match the size of many older trees, this can naturally require clean up and block clearing in addition. It’s common decency for a good team to also clean up after they’re done but sometimes that is not always guaranteed. Professionals like Stump Boy Melbourne make sure this is a priority along with the actual removal and clearing of the trees. 

It’s crucial to make sure to hire the right team, whether it be a tree removal, stump grinding or block clearing that you require. An arborist involves more than just cutting down trees and that’s why it’s important to pick a reliable team to help out.

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