What You Need to Know About Tree Services in Sydney

Sydney as a world metropolis attracts many visitors from all over the world, as well as people from the countryside that intend to reside in the city. That is not surprising, as Sydney not only offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the city also stands out through its beautiful vegetation. If in the famous botanical garden, on the side of the street, or your backyard, in Sydney you can see trees as far as the eye can see. Beautiful tropical trees, like palm trees for instance, don’t only give the city a holiday feeling, they also provide shade and help to protect our skin from the burning summer sun. 

tree services Sydney

However, as much as we love our trees, in some cases, they require a trim or even have to get removed. In that case, it is important to contact professional tree services Sydney. One of the best companies to contact when requiring tree services in Sydney is Elevated Arbor Care. The highly qualified experts don’t only hold a strong reputation for quick and reliable services, they also offer 24/7 emergency tree removals. But what tree services are available, and when do we need them?

Tree Trimming Services

There is no doubt that a beautiful green tree is a great addition to any outside area. But once the tree becomes overgrown, it may require a trim. The most common reasons for tree lopping are listed below:

  1. Aesthetics: Think of a much-needed haircut. Just like humans, trees need a little trim here and there. That helps to support the natural shape of the tree and makes it look neat and looked after. Lopping a tree not only enhances the appearance of the tree itself but also prettifies the property or the street it is on. You may also consider giving your tree a crown lifting when only removing the lower branches.
  1. Tree Health: But trimming your tree not only helps to keep it aesthetically pleasing, it also ensures better health of the tree. Branches sometimes get infested or diseased. If you don’t remove infested branches straight away, you are risking that the disease spreads onto the entire tree, which may cause it to die. In that case, tree removal can no longer be avoided. 
  1. Safety: The most important reason for lopping your tree is safety. Overgrown branches can become really heavy and therefore dangerous, especially when they are diseased. Heavy winds and severe storms may cause brittle branches to fall off the tree and create damage to properties and cars or even cause serious injuries when hitting someone. 

Tree Removal Services

In some cases, simply lopping a tree is not going to fix the problem, which is why certain situations require the tree to get removed. But when and why do I need to contact tree services in Sydney? The most common reasons for tree removal are listed below:

  • Diseased Tree: As mentioned above, an infested or diseased branch can easily spread onto the entire tree if not removed immediately. Unfortunately, if the entire tree is diseased, you will have no choice but getting it removed. Otherwise, you are running the risk of the infested tree infecting surrounding trees. 
  • Reuse of the Area: As sad as it is, some circumstances require removing a healthy tree. That could be a building or landscaping project that is planned for the area that the tree is on. Contacting a professional tree removal service is essential in that case. 
  • Safety: Again, safety is always our number one priority. In some cases, it is not only a single branch that might fall off the tree and potentially hurt a person or cause other damage, but it can also be the entire tree that runs the risk of falling over. If for whatever reason, a tree is becoming weak and is likely to fall, an emergency tree removal service should be contacted immediately. 

As you can see, taking advantage of a tree service in Sydney is often inevitable. However, trimming and removing trees are often not the only services that tree removing specialists offer. Many companies additionally provide services regarding garden maintenance or even stump removals.

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